Meeting Duration issue

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I am experiencing an issue since this morning... I really hope somebody will manage to help me. 


For work reasons I was supposed to keep a meeting opened from 9 am to 1 pm and I was the only participant. 


I logged in and started the meeting from a laptop, than joined it from my smartphone and a minute later logged out from the laptop. 

I then definitively ended the meeting at 1pm from the smartphone. Now it results as "Meeting ended: 0 seconds" which is absolutely not true, as I was logged in for four hours. 


Furthermore, I have to specify that I was forced to do so because it is currently impossible to start a meeting from the smartphone, which i find to be a serious lack.


Anybody maybe have a fix?

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Hi, I am not sure as to the duration issue i'm afraid.  However, I am able as a meeting host to start my meeting using the Teams app for iOS.  What smartphone are you using please, and are you using the Teams App?