Meeting delegate unable to see whiteboard in Room chat

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We have not long since started using teams here so our work team had a trial meeting yesterday, we had 2 rooms, whiteboards in both as well as the main meeting whiteboard. so 2 questions / issues

  1. is it possible for rooms to then share their whiteboards once the rooms were closed (so following workshop discussions etc.?)
  2. with the meeting now done  - one of the meeting attendees, can see the meeting and room entries in her current chat section on teams BUT the whiteboard for the room she was in and was able to access is not showing in the chat/whiteboard.
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Since the community has not yet responded to your post, you might want to seek assistance with other resources that are staffed by authorized Microsoft agents:


  • Ask your IT manager to open a support case or call Microsoft using the support line you were given.  Other options for business subscription admins are listed here:

Get support | Microsoft Docs

Additional tech support is available at or