Meeting Chat - Who can see?

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Dear Community,


In a Teams meeting we can have 3 types of people

  • licensed O365 users
  • Authenticated Guests who login with a Microsoft account
  • Anonymous attendees who join the Meeting via a Meeting invitation link

Can all of these people see and participate in the meeting chat?

  • Does it depend on where the meeting was created e.g. - in a channel vs not in a channel?
  • If in a channel, does it depend upon if they are a named member of the channel?

Obviously, our preference would be that all Meeting participants, regardless of how they got there, or where the Meeting was created, could participate in the Meeting chat.


Thank you for your assistance!

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Yes, all these kind of users can view and participate in a private meeting chat!

If it’s a channel meeting and users that’s been added outside of that Team ( internal members and guest users/anon ) , they won’t be able to see chat

@adam deltinger in addition to this question do you have information about who can see and  use the chat after the meeting is finished? Is there a Microsoft document available about this? 

Anyone know the answer to this one?


Let's say I'm running a meeting with 10 participants. In the middle of this meeting, I add a speaker for a specific topic. He/She participates and then leaves the meeting. Will the speaker be able to follow the chat/messages after leaving?

Hi, an updated behavior for your scenario is coming soon. See this roadmap id

@adam deltinger 


What if the Team is public? Will anyone who joins be able to view the chat? Or do they have to be added to the team?