Meeting and call notifications are still behind the Mac notifications

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In spite of having the Teams notification option set to use Mac notifications, the Z-depth position of the notification window for calls and meetings is BEHIND the other Mac notifications. If you have persistent notifications set on the Mac, then you cannot read or interact with the Teams call/meeting prompt. 

Example: I have unread notifications in the upper right Mac notification center for Slack and Chrome. They are persistent and will go away when I read and dismiss them. While I'm working a colleague starts a call or meeting in Teams. The Teams notification appears behind the other Mac notifications. I have to scramble to close the other notifications, without reading them, so I can answer the call. 


Please either fix this so that an urgent Teams notification like a meeting or call appears at the front of the stack, or allow us to shift this notification to another corner or monitor. 

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@ChadBaker  This!!!  I cannot believe this is so broken.   Ok, having dealt for years with the dreck Microsoft produces it is totally believable, but it is still unbelievable.