Meeting access for external participants without organizer

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Hi all,


is it possible to organize a meeting in teams, where external participants can join the meeting and start it without the organizer being present?


We place professionals and our clients often hold meetings with potential candidates, especially at these times, but we don't have to be present for this. Therefore we are happy to "host" the meetings for possible interviews.


Sometimes our consultants are also unable to be present, even though this may have been the original intention. In this case it would also be convenient if the meeting could simply take place anyway.


We have set this up in our GlobalPolicy as follows, but external participants cannot start the meeting.




Can we do anything else, or is the function simply not available?


I appreciate any advice.




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@TimVG Are you only using the Global Meeting policy? Or do you have other meeting policies as well? 

@Mitchell Bakker we only use the Global Policy as standard throughout the organisation.




@Christopher Hoard we tested that too, even if we set "Bypass Lobby" to "Everyone", the external attendees have to wait for someone to start the meeting and come in.


The external participants only use the web version of teams.


Thanks for the answers!

Your settings for the Global policy look correct - however, did you check that the meeting organisers have that global policy assigned?

(I have seen in some cases one of the other policies is assigned, for historical reasons, because the users were originally using Teams before the global meeting policy existed.)

@Rob Ellis thanks for the advice.

I had double-checked it, re-assigned myself and looked at my assigned policies, but only the Global Policy is assigned in my profile (as it should be).




Unfortunately, a guest still cannot join the meeting without me. I get the message that a guest has started the meeting, but that's it.



@TimVG , did you solve this? I have the same issue. 

@Doug Eli 


Did you find a solution for this?

Did anyone solve this? We are experiencing the same thing with the same settings.