Meet now & add room when joining a meeting

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When selecting Meet now from Teams, or selecting existing meeting and joining, the option is there to add a room but only 3 rooms are displayed and we have 90+ rooms. Not all users see the same 3 rooms and I would like to know how this list is populated or how to show more rooms to users. 


I'm not referring to the proximity join but selecting from list. 

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I am having the exact same question. How is the list populated when i click "Meet Now" and then "add room". It shows two completely random rooms that have no teams devices and that are not enabled as ms teams rooms and hides the real rooms.

I also added a distribution list via powershell as -roomslist. So Teams shows it right for scheduling, outlook it works too. So how is the rooms list that is shown when i click add room populated?

@Laurin1030 I logged with Premier Support and the response is that it is a bug. 


One thing we should clarify first – in the bug, that shows 5 random room popup. In customer’s log , I also find out the client retrieved 5 suggested rooms (there are totally 6 items , but 2 of them are same. So the unique room is 5) . I fully understand in GUI , that only show 3 rooms. But actually it’s 5.

@Johan Conradie Thank you very much. That's what i thought, because it is so random!

@Laurin1030 Unfortunately even in the latest join screen experience it is the same. it shows one random meeting room and you are even unable to search another.

is this the same for others?



@Johan Conradie 

Hello, do we have any information if this is a bug in Teams, when it will be fixed or is there any estimate for fix?




@Heikki Pesonen No ETA available but logged with Product Team and my support ticket remains pending. 

@Johan ConradieIs your case still pending.  I have same issue here.  I did notice that a previous version was able to list all my rooms, but when I updated Teams to the latest version of they disappeared and now reverting back to the previous version doesn't even resolve.


Just curious if there has been any progress.  Again, this is only with "Meet Now", scheduling a meeting works no issue.  But users want to have this in the "Meet Now" section as well, since that is what they are used to.

Thanks in advance!


Hello, when starting meet now I see following information. Requires Teams room system. And room I tried to add is Teams room system. I have Teams version

I received the following update: We have some confirmation from the Product Team:

PG confirms that issue should be resolved.

Remember you need to configure the room as a Teams room by executing the PowerShell script converting from user account to resource account.

Hi @Johan Conradie,


I have poly devices C60 and we configured probably, but we had the same problem for meeting now when clicking on room audio section it says unable to find any rooms, do you know how can I solve that?




For me is not showing anything at all, I wonder what is the problem? did you figure out how we can show the rooms?