Meet link starts a new channel link instead of GENERAL

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Hello! I am a teacher and my students were sent the link to the "MEET".


However something now is wrong because when I click, MEET, instead of creating the meeting in general, it says, "New Channel Meeting." (I don't have any channels). Half my students end up in the OLD meet link under general, and activate it themselves. 


I cannot for the life of me figure it out. When I click on the old meet link, I can only JOIN NOW. So the original meet link is still open somehow. And my assumption is that it was never ended. I have deleted everyone and re-added everyone. I really cannot figure it out and my students keep ending up in different meetings. Please please help! How do I get back meeting in general?! Rather in this new channel that doesn't exist?

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Hi @msvli 


I think there is some confusion with naming things. General is a channel, a Channel Meeting is a type of meeting where it's connected to a Channel (rather than a private meeting). 


Normally in Teams you would create a new Meeting for every lesson, or schedule something recurring. People can rejoin an old meeting, but that just ends up confusing, that meeting was scheduled in the past.


So I would schedule a new meeting in the General channel of the Team for your class, and invite your students to that at the time and date of the lesson.