Media Keys and Teams notifications

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If I use keyboard media keys to pause music when I receive a call in teams, the notification sound doesn't seem to get dismissed when I answer the call. So, when I later press play, it also resumes playing the teams call sound over my music. 


It does seem to go away on it's own eventually, but it's kind of annoying when I want to listen to music!



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@ducklaw99 I think what you experienced what I've experienced for the past year+, and it has nothing to do with pressing Ctrl. Previously, I would press play, and the Teams notification would sound. If I then waited for that sound to finish, and hit play again, the music would start. That worked regardless of pressing Ctrl (or any other modifier key). The new problem I've experienced is Teams hijacking the play button completely so nothing plays, not even the Teams notification.

I found that teams take a weird priority in windows over the Play/Pause Media. 
The fix I found was to use Alt with Play/Pause Media.

This would alternate which media the Play/Pause Media was using.


If interested in using one key I created a keybind with AutoHotkey to automate this to one key press.
In this case, F2 is my key of choice. 

Hope this helps. 


Send {LAlt down}{Media_Play_Pause}{LAlt up}




Ahh, Teams got updated again. Im tired of this. Will do this:

  • Change the HEX on the new teams.exe
  • Delete update.exe
  • Update Shortcuts
  • Update registry for autostart.

Yes, i will be keeping an old version of teams but at least don have to repeat every 15-20 days.

OMG pressing alt works! This is very weird. So that means I just need to swap out my streamdeck media button for a hotkey that presses alt + media-play instead.


Works for me with any modifier key, all 6 alts, shifts and ctrls work fine. Without it just a dead response, unless I've been called in which case I get a ring tone play.


Many thanks @Johnnybaker && @Tpolz 


Using Spotify App, this works with (shift, ctrl, or alt) + Play.


Teams version - Windows 11 10.0.22621 


THANKS @Tpolz !!!! 

I get Teams calls all day and listen to music on Spotify. I got so tired of this stupid problem that I wrote an autohotkey script which redirects the media buttons to Spotify shortcuts. It may be more verbose than is necessary - I'm not an AHK expert by any means. You can just put a shortcut to this in your startup folder (with Autohotkey installed, of course) and it will activate at bootup. I was so excited about the QOL improvement (I was closing and reopening Teams after every call!) I figured I would share it here. I know not everyone will have the permissions to run something like that, but for those that do, this is a simple permanent fix.

#Requires AutoHotkey v2.0

If WinExist("ahk_exe Teams.exe") and WinExist("ahk_exe Spotify.exe")

    active := WinExist("A")
    spotifyWin := WinExist("ahk_exe Spotify.exe")
    ControlSend key,, "ahk_exe Spotify.exe"
    if (WinExist(active))

Perfect, my exact use case. Thanks, I will be trying that!

It seems there's an issue with media keys and Teams notifications during calls. When using media keys to pause music, the notification sound doesn't always dismiss, leading to it playing when you resume music. It can be annoying, and you may want to check for updates or settings to address this. Consider giving feedback to Microsoft for potential improvements.

Regards: Faizan