MC263517 Whiteboard Complete Failure

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Obviously product managers for the Whiteboard feature will likely not see this since its rare for Microsoft staff to visit here anymore and now that I can no longer leave feedback via the admin center.

MC263517 states that some users in my GCC tenant used Whiteboard and they shouldn't have been able to. So to cover Microsoft's screwup I have to go out, via PowerShell, and somehow transfer their Whiteboards to my account and then download. 

  • The provided PowerShell is completely useless to me as it doesn't give me a full list of userIDs and suggesting I write a program using the Graph API just to figure out which of my users used Whiteboards is preposterous. Why isn't that capability just built into the PowerShell commands? It was YOUR screwup, not mine!
  • Even if I could figure out who, I can't transfer them to my account as I never used Whiteboards, and well you've turned off that capability for my tenant so I can't even add that feature to my account even if I wanted to

Not that it'll matter, but Microsoft, you get an F- grade for this complete failure.

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Hello @Cary Siemers  Are you not able to report a problem in the Help area (lower left corner)?  I will pass this link along to the PM leads via internal channels.


Last I tried (for a different issue) Support does not assist with PowerShell or Graph API.

Thanks for forwarding my issue on.