Maximum teams number a users can be member of

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Hi all,

Last week ive noticed that the number of Groups a user can be a member of is grown till 7000 M365 groups. I hoped that the max number of teams a users can be member of is therefore also 7000. However, in the internet I cant find any Microsoft sites where verifies the limit is now higher than 1000 teams.

Does somebody has more information then I could find?

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Interesting because AFAIK, Teams limits are the ones reflected here: and I'm not aware of a change that increases the number of Groups and therefore Teams a user can be member of


Thanks for your reply. My question comes from this information

It sort of implies that the Max number of teams a users can be member of is or going to change in the near future :)

But if the limit is still 1000 teams as of today my question is sort of answered. Maybe someone else can verify to be sure