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I’m confused about the maximum number of guests I can invite to a team.  Some people are saying it’s the same as members - 5,000.  Then I’m being told it’s controlled by Azure and you can only have 5 guests per licensed member.  But I’ve been able to invite 10 guests to a team with just 1 owner and no members.


if anyone can point me in the direction f some up to date documentation I’d really appreciate it.



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The limit of members per team is 5000 unrelated to being a guest or not! Although per licensing requirements you would want only 5 guests per licensed user tenant wise! Not related to any certain team! Although this rule is not enforced - which means it’s possible to invite more! Keep in mind it’s still a licensing violation though!

@Rooleemy understanding is that you can have add up to 5.000 guests (general member limit) per team AND that the total amount of guest you can add is 5 times the amount of licenses users you have.


eg. if you have 100 E3  then you can add 500 guests


hope this helps


The guest limitations have been a bit confusing but if you read the details of the licensing post from Adam, specifically this:

“Calculating guest user licenses
Once you determine how many guest users need to access your paid Azure AD services, make sure you have enough Azure AD paid licenses to cover guest users in the required 1:5 ratio.“

The 1:5 ratio applies to guests that will be using PAID AAD services. So the answer is “it depends”. For example, if you require guests to do MFA (a paid feature) then 1:5 would apply.

@Jeremy Miller 


I am trying to figure this out. What are considered paid features? Can I add 500 guests to Teams on our business account when we only have 15 employees? I only want them to be able to chat and share files. Some people are saying the 1:5 ratio doesn't apply and I can add 2500 per team, others are saying it does apply and I would only be able to add 75 people. Are you able to provide insight into this?


If we put ratio question aside, this may help on the financial side... For now.