Master File location - Update templates to update all other Teams Sites templates

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I am trying to find a way to have a stand alone location on Microsoft Teams that allows me to make modifications to a single document thus updating all other team templates. 


For example, I have an excel file for 'Home' team.  We have a location in New York 'New York Team'.  The home team is responsible for creating excel tools and modifying tools as necessary for the field to use (inclusive of New York).  I am looking for a way that enables the Home team to update a file in our 'templates' folder, that when doing so it also updates the 'New York' teams file in their templates folder.  


We are currently making modifications > Copying the file > moving to the other teams location.  We're all on the same network.  I believe OneDrive may be the answer, but I am unable to execute or find anything that can provide guidance.


Please help.

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