Masking outgoing calls in Direct Routing Scenrio

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We're currently looking for a way to overwrite the callers number by any other given phone number.

In our scenario Direct Routing is in place so we do not have any phone numbers purchased at Microsoft but Anynode as SBC.


I recently created another ressource account and assigned a free phone number like this:

Set-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity -OnpremPhoneNumber +49xxxxxxxx100
Unfortunately in the caller ID policy I don't get this number in the dropdown where to choose the service account / service number (see attached). There are only those numbers applicable which where added via Teams >> Voice >> Phone Numbers >> Add
Is there any way to achieve this in a Direct Routing scenario or at least planned for the future?
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Hi Florian,

masking a direct routing number is currently not available in Teams. If I remember this right they say this coming/planned at last Ignite.
We are also waiting for this.

The only workaround is to rewrite the calling number on the SBC, but this is very static and not really elegant :grinning_face: