Marking a message unread does not cause it to appear in unread filter or command

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Hello and welcome to my second post.


I've had several users raise issues about being able to keep track of messages and flag ones they want to come back to later (they know about "Save") and I wanted to offer them the advice to mark messages unread and use the /unread command to call them back up later in the day. However, testing this behavior, it doesn't appear that a message you've manually re-marked as unread will show up. 


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Find a post that you are tagged in or that's in a channel you've set to show notifications in your feed
  2. Hit the three dots in the upper right of the post and select "Mark unread"
  3. Enter /unread in the command box at the top of the Teams application
  4. The message you've marked unread does not show up

The channels where I have tested this do appear in bold, indicating that I didn't accidentally read them again before testing. Additionally, if I manually filter my feed to show unread posts (instead of just using the command), they don't show up that way, either.


Is it intended behavior that the unread filter and /unread command do not surface messages you've manually marked unread? If so, why would it be designed to work this way?

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@BeauGP This topic may be old, but I have the same exact behavior with the activity feed:

- Messages marked as unread appear in the teams view in bold, indicating there are unread messages. 

- However, the activity feed shows no unread messages when the "see unread messages" is toggled on.


Any news about this issue?