Mark as unread / Read by feature in Teams

Hi guys,
I know the "Mark as unread" feature is a useful feature in Teams just as it is in Outlook & other email apps. But I noticed when clicked, it will still let others in a group chat know that you've read thier message using the "Read by" feature.
Just wondering wouldn't it be great if we click "Mark as unread", your name doesn't appear in the "Read by" list?
I want to hear the opinion of other Teams users whether it is worth opening a uservoice for it or not.
Thanks for your kind contributions.
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It’s a good idea but it also makes the read by feature worthless since you don’t really know who read it or not

I agree with you Adam. The "Read by" feature will then become unreliable as one is unable to tell who actually read his message. Thus, the purpose is defeated. Thanks