Manually create Team

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I'll apologise if this has been previously addressed but i've been unable to find anything to answer it.


We've disabled Team and Group creation in 365 as, i'm sure other business admins can confirm, users tend to create whatever they want without any thought or consideration around naming schemes etc.


We'd still like to use Teams but be in control of creating the Teams for them; how do we do this?


I thought manually creating an Office 365 group would start the process of but it hasn't or at least, i can't find any additional options when creating the group to use it for Teams.


Any advice\guidance is much appreciated :)

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You can control the prefix for example. This is done through the Exchange Admin Center or PowerShell.

So you figure out your policy for prefixes and maybe try that way?

Thanks Dimitar, we'll consider that; we'd still like to know how to manually create a 'team' in the meantime.