Mandatory viewing of files in Microsoft team or share point

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I am trying to set up some instructional videos that will be mandatory viewing for some people in our organization. Is there a way to keep track who all have viewed the video and who is delinquent? I can post them in Microsoft Teams/sharepoint/Stream.



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@omsanshu  the best way for this is to create a Stream channel from there you can track all the users, but you want to have an APP for that then using the Low code and no code option PowerAPP is your friend.


Create a Stream Channel and then create a Power app put a nice little menu, videos, etc. you can also play with permission on Power app and many more customization.


besides, you can use that Stream channel or Power app inside Teams or in channels as tab, and also in Sharepoint inside any of the pages or home page that feeds the videos from that stream channel or from the Power app that has customized design.