Managing the App Experience in Microsoft Teams


Hello Tech Community!


Today we published a short video about managing the app experience in Microsoft Teams.  To complete these steps you will need to be an O365 Administrator.  Take a look and let us know your feedback in the comments here or directly under the video on YouTube.  


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Great Video, Congrats and thanks for sharing !

Is there a statement anywhere about how/if 3rd parties are using the data from teams in there app. I’m looking at this more from the perspective of GDPR. Is all data located in the o365 tenant? 3rd parties have the ability to hold data about individuals?

Would be great to see a statement for Microsoft for our GDPR readiness audit ;)

More specific to the subject. Is it possible to disable Office Apps after opening an office document (doc, xls, ppt) online in teams ? Is serious as we have stated in our policies that we do not need to check on this as we have it disabled. But cannot find a setting to disable for Teams we have that for Office365.