Managing RFQ Response Process with Teams

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Hello,  I am looking to setup Teams to manage our RFQ response process, but am having difficulty laying out the Teams setup for this type of Project Management as we do 1000 of these RFQ responses per year.  How would I setup teams to manage this large amount of projects?


Thank you in advance for your expertise.


Joe k.

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Hi @josephkrueger34891340 ,


There are lots of different ways to cut this, different companies will have different outcomes. One key element would be how you need to separate content, does every RFP need it's own list of people who can access?

There's no harm in having a Team per RFP if you want, they cost nothing, gives you the most flexibility with permissions. You can group them together using SharePoint hub sites to roll up content, search etc.

Alternatively you could have a team per customer and channels per RFP, but there wouldn't be permissions, or a team per product category, per quarter etc. etc.

How did you end up doing this? My org is looking to do something similar. @Steven Collier's suggestion below makes sense, except the team creation process here is burdensome. Channels would be better for our end users since they can create them for themselves. Wondering how you addressed document submissions, privacy, what to do with rejected quotes, etc. TIA