Managing Multiple Projects in One Workspace with a Client

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I have searched online for this and have yet to find a best practice within Teams


1. We have created a TEAM's workspace for a client and our internal team

2. We have three projects that we will be executing for the client with different team members in each project (but they all need to have access to the workspace - especially leadership)

Do I:

1. Create 3 separate workspaces? --> but then this does not address item 2 without a great deal of redundancy and possible loss of sight

2. Do I create 3 separate channels for each? but do the channels get too heavy with information since I cannot create children channels off of it?


Any suggestions/best practices would be most appreciated - thanks

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The three channel method should work best in my opinion. However, every project is unique and there are always nuances that will sway its final form.

You decision on whether to make them public or private channels will depend on how much cross over there is between projects. Making them private has helped our teams to stay focused on what they are doing without being caught up with what the other groups are working on.

Any overall client conversation, files, etc. would happen in the General channel. Project specific conversations, files, and other resources stay on their channels.

One of the biggest hurdles we are struggling with is for members of a channel to have their conversations in the channel and not it Chats.

If you believe that a channel will become to busy or large during your planning phase then it should be its own Team.

Hopefully some other users will responds that we can both learn some alternative arrangements.