Managing multiple calling numbers in teams

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Below is are my requirements please suggest which MS teams feature I can use:
We are an MSP and we have 8 clients to support their customer service call. We need a setup so that we can have 8 different toll number for each organization and a single person in my organization should be able to answer the calls. If he/she gets call from organization A then he/she must be able to know that the call is coming for organizing A and if he/she gets call on organization B line then it must be visible that the call is destined for org B.
Please let me know if this can be done using teams
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Hi @kashif hasnain ,


Seems a bit excessive to have 8 Service Numbers for routing to one person but I suppose if you needed each Organisation to not be aware of one another you might have to.

I was thinking you could have one number associated with an Auto Attendant and then an option for each possible client and then each option could go to one or more Call Queues. In this instance it should show the option that was selected and therefore informing the receiver of the call that it came by way of company A option.

The other way would be to have your 8 Numbers and assign them to a Call Queue or you could do Auto Attendant if you wanted options. Again you could reuse the Call Queue or have one per Company. Thinking out loud you may have to have a Call Queue per Company even if it is just the one person each time as that might be where the name comes through to show it was Company A etc.



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Hi @kashif hasnain,


Yes, this can be done in Teams. As @henryarphillips365 is alluding to, either Auto Attendants and/or Call Queues would be the features you would use to accomplish this. Which one(s) you choose depends on the experience you want the callers to have; i.e. Should they be presented with a menu like "Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support"? If your "agent" is busy with another caller, should other callers wait on hold for the agent to answer, or go to voicemail?


You can read about these features here:

Plan for Teams auto attendants and call queues 

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When a call from an Auto Attendant or Call Queue is routed to your Agent, the name of the AA or CQ is shown in the incoming call notification that appears on screen, as illustrated here:


Auto Attendant Call Toast.png