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We're looking at a way to manage the apps within Microsoft Teams. Is there a way to extract a list of all apps in an excel sheet to be able to see the data a bit better? 


Also, is there a known way to not have blocked apps showing up? If it's blocked, why is it still visible?

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Hi @BenWilliamsUK,

To manage apps within Microsoft Teams, you can use the Teams admin center.
Here are the steps:

- Sign in to the Teams admin center.
- Access Teams apps > Manage apps.
- Here you can view and govern all Teams apps that are available in your organization’s app catalog.

To export the list to an Excel sheet, you might need to use a PowerShell script or the Microsoft Graph API. You can use the Get-TeamsApp parameter to retrieve app information from the Teams tenant app store to a CSV file.
List all apps in MS Teams (Tenant wide) into CSV - Microsoft Community

Regarding blocked apps still being visible, you can use this link to try to resolve your issue:
Disable Teams app user requests (hide blocked Teams apps) (

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