Manage Teams Shifts (to each their own)

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I was wondering whether there was a way to set up Teams Shifts in a way that everyone can manage their own Shifts (add, edit, etc.) and see other members' shifts without managing them. Kind of like having viewer permissions only for other members' shifts and complete access to mine.


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@Sim1S Kinda, if the Team Owner creates Open Shifts then your users can apply to take the shifts they want, rather than being assigned to them. See Create a Shifts schedule (

@Steven Collier thank you for your reply!


However, the idea is to have everyone's schedule as usual in Shifts (every person has their own line) in order for people to see who's on site and who's not. 

We'd like to use Teams as a planner so that we do not overcrowd the office, and thus it would be useful to us to keep the grid view.

@Sim1S I'm not sure I understand why this doesn't meet your requirement, have you tried it? You would still get a view by user, they just choose their own shifts.

If you are trying to build some kind of desk/space booking then I would be looking at the Exchange capabilities for Desk Booking How to create and book a workspace - Exchange | Microsoft Learn