Manage Teams Members search bar not working

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I've had two instances in which the Search function within the Manage Teams member area does not work.  In one instance, the user is a member of the team and can be seen in the list, but searching for them returns no results. 


The second instance, the user was not showing up when trying to add them to a private channel.  


In both cases, using first name, last name, full name, and even email address returns no results.  In both instances, the teams had fewer than 50 members.  Has anyone seen this before? 

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Hi! I haven’t experienced this! I suggest you use the help -> Feedback to let Microsoft know about it!


@adam deltinger


Thanks for the quick reply.  I'll do that. 



Did you ever get a resolution on this.  I am experiencing the same issue. 


@CathyOwens I did not.  While this is annoying, it wasn't annoying enough to fight with given all of the other things we have going on.  I wish I had an answer for you.  Good luck!

This just happened to me, too. Running Teams Version on a MacBook Pro. I tried to use the "search for members" field and it wouldn't find the member, not with first name, email address, partial name ... nothing. I ended up having to scroll through and find them manually, which itself would have been much easier if I could have sorted by member type. The members aren't alphabetized, and there are no filtering or sorting options, so that search function is especially critical!