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I have implemented AIP and migrated to O365. I can select sensitivity to classifying document in SharePoint, but when I create or edit a teams, I don't see the option to select a classification for the teams. Where are these classification settings managed?TeamsClassification.PNG

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When creating a Team from the Teams App, you should automatically see any sensitivity labels which are published to you as a user/group from the Security and Compliance Center.


This is what it looks like when creating a Team,


Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 15.56.09.png

You can also edit your Team from the Teams App to change the Sensitivity label;


Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 16.01.53.png


At the moment, you cannot control these settings from within the Teams Admin Center.


If you are not seeing these options, the first thing I would check would be your labelling policies to double checked who they are being targeted to.  If they are covering SharePoint as you say though, that may not be your issue.


You can see more information about the process at -


@elaheh Hello Elaheh, in addition to Peters reply I'm just curious if this has been done (see link) and if your labels been synchronized?



Good point indeed.  I'm certain that I also had to do this to get the preview feature working.  I had totally forgotten that I'd had to do this.  :lol:

@PeterRising @bec064 

Thank you both. 

It seems I also have to “Enable sensitivity label support in PowerShell”. :)

@elaheh Hi it does not look like you have set up sensitivity labels as the create a Team will show the words 'sensitivity' . Your wording is classification which seems to indicate that classification labels have been set up at some. Classification labels are just visible labels but have no actions 


I recommend that you look at the setting in PowerShell to see if EnableMIPlabels has been set to True via PowerShell. 


Take a look at the follow Microsoft docs article for more information on Teams sensitivity labels and the historic classification labels