Manage policies / coexistence mode by AD groups

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is there any option how to assign policies and coexistence mode to AD groups or members in group? We would like to manage coexistence mode (TeamsOnly) based on AD group but I have not found yet any option. I have found just powershell script (Grant-CsTeamsUpgradePolicy) to assign to concrete user but not to AD group. Thank you for tips.


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Afaik No.. Its per user or tenant! But I guess you could have a script parse the members of a group with Get-ADGroupMember and do a for each loop setting the coexistance on each user in that group


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Resurrecting this thread - Now that Teams has been out there for a while, I'm wondering how others are managing their policies in larger organizations?  

@adam deltinger is this still the case ? Is the coexistence mode still only configurable via user or tenant but not by group ?

Hi, I guess it still same. There are already some policies which you can manage by AD groups but not all of them yet.