Manage Physical Room Booking in Teams

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What I want to achieve is to have a teams channel set up to manage multiple physical rooms - at the very basic level to have requests to book a room come into the channel and be able to accept or decline from the channel.... even better would be to have a calendar tab where I could view all the rooms -  is there any way to do this?

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Run through with the below article and then using the same please run through with the steps from Creating the Account.

This would help in finding the room while create a calendar invite and the room can accept or decline the meeting invite based on the rooms availability.

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I would just create the rooms as Resource Mailbox Accounts which are free in Exchange. You could always use an Exchange Transport Rule to bcc a Teams Channel with details of the invites. Then set the resource mailbox to auto accept/decline invites based on free/busy.

Is there a particular reason you want them in a Teams channel and for someone to manually interact with the invite?