Manage incoming Webhooks someone else created

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I was trying to edit/manage an incoming Webhook, someone else created in a Teams channel.

Unfortunately the name field and picture upload button were greyed out.

Problems will arise, when the creator is no longer part of the team or the company.

Is there a setting or something, so all owners of that team can manage Webhooks?


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Thanks :).

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@TimoG  - did you ever get an answer on this ?


We have a lot of webhooks created by others we need to edit and don't want to have to recreate them every time there is a personnel change.

@jonathanrabhan unfortunately not. But I'm still hoping für this being implemented.

Thanks @TimoG for the reply.


Does anyone from MSFT review these requests ?


If not, what is the best way to get this in front of their development management for review ?

@TimoG - that was me yesterday! hah!

Ah great, so I'm the 2nd vote then ;)

@TimoG @jonathanrabhan


The user voice link is no longer active. Did anyone of you find a solution for this?