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Hi All,


Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

We've recently rolled out Teams in our Small business, but one issue i'm hearing back from the users is that the 'channels' aren't really accessible. By this they mean, they hardly ever go into the channels and look at them, missing certain annoucements or discussions. 

My question is, while I know you can't have the channels in a separate window, is there a way to make them more prominant. We previous used slack and the channels were right there in the list above all the DMs you got, which made any notifications or use easy to see. The users want something like that, so for example, is there third party software that could house them in a separate window or anything that makes the notifications more obvious or appear in the Chat area? Or does anyone here have any tips to help staff engage with the channels section more?

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Hi! First make sure that users are following the channels by enabling notifications on them. Second, use @ mentions (people,channel,team) to get their attention if they haven’t enabled first mentioned.
Users can also pin their favorite channels to the top of the teams tab