Making Teams start on Secondary Monitor

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Is there a way to force Teams to start on my secondary monitor (Screen 2)? Every morning I start Teams, it comes up on Screen 1 and I have to move it over to Screen 2 so I can do my work while still seeing the chat/calls windows. I checked settings in Teams as well as looking in Windows (Apps & Features, and Properties) but can't find anything that can set it to start on the secondary monitor instead of primary. It does not appear to retain the last screen position on exit.

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Hi@Steven_613  It's not a Teams function - it's a function of selecting the monitor where you want any particular program to open.  You just drag the Teams icon over to the monitor you want to use - here is one of the many online instructions I found: How Select Which Monitor A Program Will Open In (Dual Monitors) - YouTube



@Therese_Solimeno Thanks so much for this. I've been using Windows apps for 10+ years on dual screens and never realized that's what you do to have it show up on the right screen. Appreciate the help.

@Therese_Solimeno This procedure only works when the computer is booted up and the program has been started. Whenever I start my computer for the day, Teams opens on the main monitor every time. I have to move it every morning. This procedure does nothing but set the program to open on that screen for that power cycle.