Making shifts not visible to all team members

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Is there anyway to make shifts private, where only the specific team member that the shift is intended for can see it 


I can not seem to find a setting to restrict team members to only viewing their own shifts.


Short of creating a team for each individual there a way I am missing?

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You can’t prohibit them to enter “Shifts“ but you can choose to only share the individual shifts to the person assigned to it!


@adam deltinger I know I can publish changes to only the person affected.


But that person is still able to view the remainder of the teams shifts right? I want to limit the shifts to only that person. I cant see an option when creating the shift or anywhere else. 


Basically I have a team of 5 members, I want them all to only see their own shifts. No access to view anyone else shifts on the team

Then only publish the individual shifts to the corresponding people!

There are no other way to restrict members from accessing their teams shifts

@adam deltinger Would you mind explain how is that possible?

@FarzadTR I don't believe it is, when you share with only the people affected that only means that only those people will get a notification, everyone can still see the change.


I have had to create a powerapp shared with a separate team for the people who I want to have personal only access, linking one account with another, in a table, then using power automate to add the shifts for those people to a SharePoint list, that the app can draw from. It's a **bleep**ing pain, but I'm fairly sure it works. This means these people can only view a basic list but I'm using it for freelancers and it's better than nothing. Hope they support this soon, maybe suggest?