Making Planner Filters and Groups 'sticky' in Teams

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Is there currently a means for users (ideally Team Owners) to make a certain Filter and Grouping of the Planner tab within a Team>Channel sticky? Currently the tab resets to the default view when switching between tabs. Our workflow has us:

  1. setup a Planner Tab for each Team
  2. The General channel is used as the Hub for the whole Team
  3. When a new channel is added, the Channel gets its own Bucket in Planner. In this way we can easily monitor activity and progress across all Channels within a Team from the General channel.
  4. New Tasks are assigned a Bucket according to the Channel in which they apply.

In this way, it would be ideal for the Planner Tab to somehow recognize the Channel and make Filter and Group settings 'sticky' from the last session in order to minimize the constant resetting.

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I agree we need something like this. When it comes to anything like this on sharepoint you can change the view and make it the default. Doing something like that per each channel and share an overall planner with channel filters would be great. This would allow an overall planner view as well as each subsection/channel.

@John_35 Just found this post from last year and I don't see any further discussion.  This is a frustration for me as well and I'm hoping it's in an upcoming release to be fixed.  Has anyone heard anything further or is there somewhere else you can point me?



Yes, this feature is sorely lacking.

@JMBeran did you end up implementing this idea of Bucket-to-Channel relationship? 

Yes, for some Teams. But the buckets still don't filter out, the tasks do, but the bucket remains making for a lot of side scrolling.