Making Non-PC Users Searchable in Teams or Delve

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I work for a UK local authority and have been asked to investigate using the tools available in 365 to produce an organization chart that would enable us to cancel support for an expensive third-party org chart product.

The biggest issue here is that more than half of our staff are not on our 365 tenancy.  We have maybe around 2000 staff on the corporate network who have Azure AD accounts & full 365 licences, but another 3000 made up of teaching staff (on a different AD) and non-pc users (e.g. bin men, cleaners etc).  The ability to search for and find all of these staff is essential, so I am trying to think how best to include them all without buying thousands of licences.

Has anybody had to do anything similar?  Ideally I would like to be able to get every member of staff into AD in some form (using data from the HR system), then search for a cleaner in Teams or Delve and find a record for them which shows their manager in the organizational hierarchy.  That's the end goal.



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Hope you are well, thanks for reaching out.


Yes, I think this is possible, although it may need some work sanitizing AD. 


1.) Setup Azure AD Connect to make sure that all users are in Azure AD. This will mean that all 5000 (2000 already on AAD and 3000 on another AD) are there. Everyone in your organisation. 


What is Azure AD Connect and Connect Health. | Microsoft Docs


2.) Use the New Power App Profile+ (currently in preview)


Teams Real Simple with Pictures: Getting Hands on with Profile+ – @Microsoft365Pro 


This app

- Will show in Teams

- Can be pinned to the left app rail with App setup policies

- Will show Azure AD information (Email, Phone Number)

- Will show manager and direct reports

- You can search for any user in the organisation


It would take a bit of work: the main part being sanitizing AD and making sure everything in Azure AD is up to date (E.g. numbers, managers etc.) 


However, I am confident this is approximating what you are looking for. My blog will run through how to set up Profile+ from scratch


Hope that helps and answers your queston


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard Thanks so much for this.  I will investigate that.  I'm so very grateful for your help.