Making IP Phone Calls with Cisco Phones

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Hello Group--


I'm new to this forum. Some of this may be mentioned in other areas of the site but in my search, I didn't find what I'm looking for. FYI--I'm not looking for a conference room setup. This is for individual IP desk phones. If there's a white paper or post on this topic, I'd really appreciate a link!


Our company is switching from WebEx to Teams as our meetings provider. Most of our employees have Cisco IP desk phones. Those phones integrate with WebEx in taking and receiving meeting voice calls and some of our users want to keep the functionality when we switch to Teams. Is there a way to setup our Cisco desk phones to integrate with MS Teams meetings?


Also, can we setup Teams to be able to dial our internal 6 digit extension configuration?


Please let me know if you need any more details in order to answer my question.


Thank you!



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Did you receive your information? Our company has been using Microsoft Teams for almost 2 years for meetings. We have CISCO phones and are now going to use Webex for our soft phone option. I'm trying to determine if the WebEx calling app can be integrated as the Call feature in Teams. I don't want to install WebEx Teams but trying to configure Webex calling as the calling app for Teams.





Thank you for reaching out. No, I didn't get any replies. I figured the configuration would have to happen in our telephony on the backend, and maybe we don't have that type of SME in this forum.