Make your users aware of the recent changes to OneNote in Microsoft Teams

Darrell Webster

‪We talked about the changes to OneNote in Microsoft Teams on todays show of O365 Msg Center:The week that was. Some changes will be confusing. But I believe it will position OneNote for private channels and therefore, private notebooks. 



  • Guide your end users to check if a notebook already exists as a tab in a channel, before creating a new notebook.
  • Add an existing notebook as a tab. It might not appear in the “recent notebooks” list. So the best option is to add it using a link. 
  • Adding an existing notebook - you can target the tab to load to a specific section. Copy a link to the section and use that link when adding the tab. It would be ideal if we could target a page and section group too.
  • Don’t try to use the SharePoint “share” dialogue to generate the link, to add an existing notebook. It can’t grab the path and some of the links contain tokens, which also cant be used. Get the link using “Copy link to Notebook” in the application, or copy the link from the address bar in OneNote Online. 
  • Creating a new OneNote notebook will save it in Shared Documents > Notebooks folder. 


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yes we talked about it in the weekly news which is a great one to follow every week live!

and good you post it here on the techcommunity :)

When will this be added to O365 for education?
they haven't relased a date for EDU tenants

@Deleted is right. EDU and GOV will receive it later but there haven’t been any dates released. I expect there will be other considerations to plan for in EDU. You will be able to connect a regular existing OneNote notebook. But connecing an existing OneNote Class notebook will not necessarily give the Class notebook experience. I’d like to think that if the Class notebook is added to a tab in Teams, it will apply the same security context as if you were browsing the notebook yourself, outside of Teams. One persons view of the notebook will differ from another, if a section isn’t shared with them. I.e. Teachers will see the whole notebook. Students will only see Content, Collaboration sections, and their section. 

@Mike Tholfsen, do you have anything you can share about adding existing Class notebooks to tabs in MSTeams? 


We are hoping to add this capability later this year


This modification is really a nigthmare for me : ( ...

Do you know if there is a way we can use it as before it was really helpfull for the organization, simple and clear. Our users do need to know nothing about sharepoint previously and now I'm sure they will be lost...

Even for me (advanced user) it's really confusing, in fact it changes the way I can work with the couple Teams + Onenote which I use to like very much before..

I understand the need for this advanced feature but why do not keep the previous feature at the same time!?

I m really surprised that a big change like this can be done in a minor release without notice !?

I can browse a notebook and select a section. And this works well as when I click the tab it goes straight to the first page in that section.

But it doesn't work with section groups. I browsed a notebook, selected a section group, selected a section. The tab is titled correctly after the section, but when I click the tab it doesn't open on the first page of that section...instead it defaulted to a the first page of a section that was not in that section group

Can you send a mail to classnbk@microsoft.com?

Linking to a section group does not work either

...perhaps I'll post this on user voice

What is classnbk?

@John Tropea, you're not alone John. I've noticed a lot of quirks since the change. I also experience the same behaviour where browsing for an existing Notebook and selecting a specific section makes no difference... it always opens on the Section 1 Page 1 - making that section drop down seem completely irrelevant. I'll be putting something extensive together around the state of Notebooks in Teams at the moment, but it certainly needs a little more love... which I'm sure it will get!


This change is causing a lot of issues for us , it is not possible to use OneNote as before:

Users are confused , you can not "add" the same notebook to all Channels in the team ( it does not appear in the list of possible existing notebooks).

No default "sections" are created , so you have to go to the full blown Onenote client and create them via that way and copy the link and insert in into the channel -> this is not a very user-friendly way...