Major bug! Users cannot log off

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On the new MS Teams app, users cannot log out. If the user clicks on my account and logs out, he comes back to the screen where he can select a user. Any previous account is available, without asking for a password.


Please fix this as soon as possible as this is a major GDPR leak.


Rgds, René

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welcome to the Microsoft community, my name is Recep I'll be happy to help you today.

I understand that your users cannot log off the new Microsoft teams which you confirmed is a major bug.

Please note that the New Teams version is still in development and not yet performing to its full potential, Microsoft is working on improving the UI to make it clearer for customers.

For product feedback, kindly use this link to drop your feedback about this product:

Also, providing you with the Microsoft Office 365 Roadmap Link so that you keep yourselves equipped with the newer features and functionalities -

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