Mac Teams Client - Main Teams window stops displaying after a few days

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I have been running Teams client on my Mac for over a year now, through various updates and versions both of the Teams client and of MacOS. I'm currently on MacOS 10.14.6 and Microsoft Teams Version


What I see regularly is that the main Teams window just stops being accessible. Usually I have it running all the time in the regular display mode - not full screen - and can alt-tab switch between Teams and other apps as normal. Then, after a while, I suddenly find that when I alt-tab to Teams, the app window no longer appears. The menubar shows the Teams menu, and I can go through the menu OK, but most options have no effect. 'About Microsoft Teams' does nothing. Window > Bring All to Front does nothing. Window > Minimize does nothing, etc. The Help options mostly work, but that's about all.


The only solution is to Quit Microsoft Teams and restart the app.


It's a real pain. I frequently end up missing messages because of this. 


Has anyone else encountered this issue?

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I'm on Mac OS 10.15.2 and Teams version  Been running it for well over a year and not had any of the issues you describe.


Guessing you've tried all of the obvious?  Uninstall/reinstall?  Different Mac profile and see if any difference?  Clean up clutter on the Mac etc?


Hey @RichBaldry I've got exactly the same issue on mine. I've used Teams daily for over two years now and it continues to happen every other day or so. The number of times that I've missed notifications from colleagues trying to get in touch are countless. 


It is clear that Teams loses reference to the Window and you cannot create a new one. If you press Ctrl-down arrow (or whatever your shortcut is) to show all windows for the current application it simply says 'No Available Windows' - the same as if you've manually closed the main Teams window. In fact - if you manually close the main window I don't see a way to open a new one. I assume this is what happens when Teams has been open for a while.


Very frustrating.



I have the same problem except that even though I restart the app, I cannot see anything anymore @RichBaldry - maybe instead of making an Electron-based App, should Microsoft develop a real software for Mac like in Excel or Word ...