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We are considering third-party apps in Teams. This brings in itself issues we need to manage: like compliance, regulation, publisher info, data usage, location and retention, etc... The App Compliance program website provides a nice place to gather all the relevant information and get answers in one place. However, it's not a mandatory thing apparently - this made me wonder:


What does it mean when an app is found in the Teams App Store, but we cannot find the app on the App Compliance program website


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Hi @Insectiside,

When you come across an app in the Teams App Store that cannot be found on the App Compliance program website, it means that the app may not have gone through the official Microsoft App Compliance review process.
This review process is in place to ensure that third-party apps meet specific standards related to compliance, regulation, data usage, security, and privacy.

Apps listed on the App Compliance program website have been carefully reviewed and approved by Microsoft. This indicates that they have met Microsoft's requirements and are considered trustworthy in terms of compliance and security.

Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program - Microsoft 365 App Certification | Microsoft Learn

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