Lost organization login info... stuck in a loop.

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I have a user that was using a Teams Free account. He went ahead sometime last year and "upgraded" to a paid subscription and some kind of organization account. He does not recall any information on the credentials and it is causing us a lot of grief. I would like to get into an admin portal and reset the password and hopefully change the admin email address/login, but I'm stuck in a loop.



When I try to login as "Personal" account, it uses a single-use code. I get in, but there is no admin options to change anything.


When I try the "Work" account, I have to use a password reset which then kicks back the message: "Only your admin can reset your password. To assist you, we've sent an email to your admin requesting a password reset."

THEN this same user receives a message "The following user in your organization has requested a password reset be performed for their account:"


I'm assuming this means the user is the admin for the organization, but I can't find any means of resetting the admin password to access any kind of admin portal.


Is there any way to at least retrieve the login email address for the the admin console? I thought they were supposed to end in .onmicrosoft.com, but I'm not sure of the format for this client.


Thank you...

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Nevermind, ignore my reply, I was thinking that personal account was a normal user on this tenant. You can't even get into any account so it's going to be close to impossible to get into if some form of backup access MFA etc. wasn't setup. 

The login format is @tenant.onmicrosoft.com but it could be any username. isn't a standard admin unfortunately.