Lost of sharepoint link after use of files explorer

Alexandre RYCKMAN
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Hello all,

I made a check onto the community but did not find an answer to my problem...


I used the windows file explorer to add folders and files to my sharepoint library. But when coming back on my teams files tab, I get the following message in the attached printscreen.


What can I do to get back Sharepoint within Teams ? I precise that my sharepoint site is still available by accessing it directly.


Thanks for your help


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Is it the built in "files" tab in the channel? Can you access the files tab from other channels? Did you sync the library? Change permissions ? Try removing the files you added?

Hi Adam,

I worked only in the file explorer, connected to the sharepoint site associated to my Teams. I made changes on folders of both my 2 channels (add, rename, delete folders and documents). And I get the problem on the both.

I did not change authorizations. Sharepoint site and folders are still accessible from Sharepoint URL.

While clicking on the file tab, I got the picture attached in my first comment, it's indicating : "These files are no longer available" "Check the site avaibility, then retry". Plus the detailed message "Exception encountered from Sharepoint for requestId guid Scenario ID: xx" 

you are not supposed to change these folders..try naming the root folders back to their old names (names of the channels) .These folders corresponds to the files tab in teams

I did not change folders corresponding to the channels, just sub-folders contained in the channels folders. Channels remains unchanged.

Have you touched permissions on the library, added columns, charged check-in options, anything? If so restore to default, otherwise create a ticket with Microsoft


Thanks Adam, I did nothing you described.

I will try to restore or open a ticket as you advised

Thanks a lot

OK!! PLease let me know what happens :)