Lost connection when joining a meeting using desktop + mobile

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Hi all,

Due to work needs (WFH), I usually use desktop+mobile or laptop+mobile for meetings (I used RDP login to my office desktop/laptop to share files). It is normal to join the conference with a laptop and a mobile phone. If I join the conference from a desktop and then a mobile phone, it is also normal, but if I join the conference from a mobile phone and then a desktop, about 30 seconds, my desktop will receive the error "We have a problem, please wait a few minutes. Try again in minutes" then disconnected, have you encountered this problem?


The version of OS and teams is below:


Desktop/Laptop OS: Windows 10 21H2 19044.2006


Desktop/Laptop Teams:


Mobile Phone:

IPHONE 12 16.0(20A362)




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Hi @MickeyPECL 


Are you trying to transfer the call from Mobile to Desktop?

Is that feature failing? Need more information so that we can assist you accordingly.


With Regards,

Satish U

Hi Satish,
You are right, I have tried to transfer the call from desktop to mobile, it is normal, but from mobile to desktop that will be disconnected after 30 seconds.