Lost Access to Microsoft Team and Files

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Hello, I hope anyone can help me with this.

my colleague and I used a Team inside the free version of MS Teams for a while and everything went good. We also uploaded files there which are now lost. Suddenly, my colleague and I couldn't log in anymore and did not have access to MS Teams. I then realized that the Team we were using the whole time was actually under an organization that another friend created months before to chat with me. So I realized that it might be the case that I was a Guest in that friend's organization the whole time and created that other Team with my colleague inside that Organization somehow. 

Anyways, I then accidentally newly registered the same E-Mail I used before and now any access to that old Team and files is gone. 


I managed to save some Links to Sharepoint where it said the Files would lie before the whole access was destroyed. But the link said I have no access anymore and there was a button where I could ask for access. But neither my colleague, myself or my friend who created that organization got any request. I also managed to save the links to join the team but one Link just leads me into teams and nothing happens (probably i have overwritten my E-Mail). The other link in fact led me to the Team or channel inside Teams but then a little window popped up that said I could also only ask for access. Again, no one including the other two persona and myself got any request. So I am not sure who actually is still in the team and who has access anyways? 


I hope this is not too confusing. To sum it up, is it possible to regain access to the Team and files if somehow no one has access to Sharepoint or the Team itself anymore? I already asked the support and they said I should rather post it here.


thanks in advance :)

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@Marvin_ZirkelbachHere is few suggestions for this issue you have;


- Since you were a guest in another organization tenant I will suggest asking your friend to add you two back - this is the easiest way


- Secondly, the friend who has the organization could share the files you save in the Teams files tab with you and your friend as the Files that you share in a channel are stored in your team's SharePoint folder. Which can be found in the Files tab at the top of each channel. Files that you share in a private or group chat are stored in your OneDrive for Business folder and are only shared with the people in that conversation.


Hope this could help your case!

@PDostiyar Hi, thanks for the quick reply.


Unfortunately, this doesn't work. I have no idea why but even the friend has no access to the Team inside the organization itself. He seems to be the leader of the organization but the Team was only used by my other colleague and myself. So he has no access to the team and also not to the files, although its his Sharepoint page. The files and the Team do not appear in his MS Teams. I actually don't know why. So if he invites us back nothing really happens.

@Marvin_Zirkelbachso if that is the case I will suspect, it might not be the same organization he is inviting you to, or the same organization but not the same Teams/Sharepoint since an org can have many Teams/Sharepoints.


I think you guys need to recall your memories it might be something worthy to check if you still remember the URLs to see if the new and old SharePoint has the same URLs.