Lost access to files

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Hello all,


I've searched all over, but cannot find a solution to this issue.  I have a couple of users who were owners of the documents they have uploaded onto Teams, but are now receiving the "You do not have access" message when going back to open the file.   It will not open in the Teams App.  When clicking Request Access it does open in it's respective App (i.e. Word, Excel, etc.).  I have cleared cache, install/re-installed the app, had them try a different computer and same message pops up.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I think this is a general Teams application issue at the moment. I've seen it myself and and there have been other forum posts. Testing by using the Web version of Teams, or opening the corresponding Sharepoint site should verify that this is an application issue. Individual users can try clearing the cache to resolve, though a simple restart fixed it for me.