Looking for an overview of Teams & Yammer features

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Is there an overview of the different features for Microsoft Teams & Yammer, possible a comparison? It is to be used for a quick slide to guide business in which one to use based upon their requirements for the given community. As both Teams and Yammer are about conversation / collaboration, but they support different types of communication and are for different audiences. 

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@Inger_Christensen Hello, this is actually a great page for information about when to use what, even though it's not an comparison. You'll see the "inner loop" and "outer loop" scenarios instead.




Hope it helps!

@ChristianBergstrom- Thank you - Good angel.  It matches some of what I am trying to explain. 


Computer world had an article with a comparison and I was hoping to find similar, but straight from the source with a list of the functionalities. https://www.computerworld.com/article/3568210/which-is-better-for-collaboration-yammer-or-microsoft-...