Looking for advice on a recurring meeting with a large list of attendees

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Hello, I am trying to find the best way to manage a recurring meeting with lots of attendees (say over 100). The current method of using a recurring meeting in Outlook, does not work. Whenever editing the list of attendees, the updates go to everyone in the list and not just the ones added/deleted. 

I am hoping for someone more experienced than myself to offer suggestions on how to manage a list of attendees for a recurring meeting, that you can add/remove attendees, and only the added/removed attendees will get an update. 



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@ianclark Hello, how odd. That's why you use the Outlook client, for these more mature scheduling features you mention here. Are you saying you don't get the prompt to "Send updates only to added or deleted attendees" and "Send updates to all attendees." when clicking on send?


Schedule a meeting with other people - Outlook (microsoft.com)


Here you can read more about it and how Outlook on the web manage this by default.

Send updates options for attendees not shown - Exchange | Microsoft Docs

They do get that option, but they say it still sends updates to all attendees regardless of what option is chosen.


Have you managed to work this out somehow?