Logitech Teams Room app visual display not right

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We have purchased the setup for 2 Teams room from a supplier in US which sent us all the hardware – but we need some help with setup the teams room correctly.


The cabling has been done correctly as per below. We have installed Teams on the NUC pc and signed it with a Teams room license.




Our problem is the visual look on the TAP – we are getting the Win 10 desktop app look – not the beautiful graphical look of teams on Tap like this image below which is what my boss is after.




This is the sort of visual look we want on the TAP – instead the TAP is just being a secondary screen and we get the normal Win 10 interface with taskbar etc and teams just as it would show on a laptop or a desktop.


Can someone help us getting this Visual look on the TAP for the teams?

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The NUC should be bought as a specific Teams Rooms device. Where the Teams app run I kiosk mode. so you should not need to install anything yourself.
If you bought the NUC as a Teams Rooms device and the image is somehow not working you can do a re-image of the NUC. Reach out to Logitech support, they can help with a description and an image.
Don’t start to create it yourself, most will not succeed.