Logitech TAP (NUC) auto logon breaks

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After adding the TAP to Azure Active directory (Intune MDM) without any configuration / policies / baseline applied to, the autologin of the built-in user Skype breaks. After a reboot it pops up with the logon screen and I need to press enter to get the NUC to login and start with Team Rooms.


I've checked all the settings and events, but can't seem to get the thing working as expected. 

This value is changed from 1 to 0 after a reboot: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\AutoAdminLogon


OS: W10 iOS Enterprise 1909

Team Rooms:


Hopefully someone can help me any further with this... 





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It is maybe more a question for the Intune community, but I think there are some settings you can do with a policy in Intune for your devices:

Kiosk settings for Windows 10 in Microsoft Intune - Azure | Microsoft Docs


User logon type: Select the account type that runs the app. Your options:

  • Auto logon (Windows 10 version 1803 and newer): Use on kiosks in public-facing environments that don't require the user to sign in, similar to a guest account. This setting uses the AssignedAccess CSP.
  • Local user account: Enter the local (to the device) user account. The account you enter signs in to the kiosk.
We're seeing this issue as well with other models. Any luck in resolving it?
Other models were affected. Intune enrollment (with AAD Join) or legacy ADDS Join breaks the auto-login feature. What are registry entries/policies required to check?

@Michiel Dekker  Has there been any updates on this issue ? I joined our Microsoft teams rooms device to Azure AD last week and after reboot it dint login automatically with Skype user account, instead it hangs up on login screen and ask user to enter password. This is big issue as automatic windows updates are enabled on this device and if after any updates it goes for reboot then user wont have teams application experience and we may get many incidents.

Did you get a fix for this? I have one Intel NUC which is doing this and driving me mad.

@Dlewis-79 did a factory reset, so the Windows version that was delivered with the NUC was installed again, and excluded the nuc’s from the feature update rings (only security patching)

Interesting. The NUC has been fine for 18 months and we rebuilt it a month ago. It was ok until last Friday and now every time we set AutoLogon to 1 it goes back to 0 straight away. Will check in on the 'feature update rings'. I fear we need to rebuild again.