Logitech Speakers disappear from G HUB and sound stops 5 seconds after Teams Call / Meeting is ended

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This is very frustrating, it does not happen every time, but l'd say 80% of the time.

I need to do a complete re-start between each Teams Call or meeting to get the Speakers and sometimes the Camera (less frequent) to join, which is hard with back to back meetings.


Windows 11 (both prior to and post latest updates)

Logitech G Hub (current version) running

 - G935 Headset
 - Logi StreamCam
 - G560 Speakers (the things that disappear from G HUB and windows devices etc.)


There is no way of getting them back, they are not discoverable, they are not selectable as a sound device.


Teams seems to be the only program that i have this issue with!



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Hi @lord_moyle I hadn't heard of "G Hub" before but I'm trying it out now to see if I can get this to happen.  Are you still experiencing this issue?