Logitech Smartdock issues, Cant connect to the Dock, and HDMI issue.

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Logitech Smartdock, with teams.


Surface Pro 2017 (Latest firmwares)

Logitech SmartDock (Latest firmware)

W10 1903 with build 10.0.18362.356 (Install media finishes ok, its activated,)


When finished the installation Im getting 

"Connect the room console to the dock". The Surface is connected to the dock, and its connected to HDMI.


Question. How do I pass this screen? And yes, I have tried to logon the the system and edited a XML file. After that The HDMI-IN wont work. I have restarted the stupid device, tested different clients, rebooted the tv, flashed the tv...



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Sans cette dernière étape d'ailleurs, il est possible d'installer l'App Teams Room sur n'importe quel PC, beaucoup moins cher qu'un dock...@noname