Logitech Rally Teams Setup with Intel NUC

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I just purchase a logitech rally conference room system tip a tap display.  I also purchased an Intel NUC with Windows Enterprise Edition to exclusively run the software.  Trouble is, I don't know exactly what software to install.  Can anyone give me some advice on exactly what I need to install?  


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Is your plan to run this as an Microsoft Teams Room? If so you can purchase everything from Logitech including the NUC, preinstalled with the MTR software.

But if the NUC is bought separate without any software you have to install that manual. Might work with your setup. There is an guide here how to create deployment media:

@Linus Cansby Hello,

Thank you for the reply.  The document says "The following steps only apply to Surface Pro-based Teams Rooms devices."  Will it matter that I'm installing this on a NUC?  Also, I installed Windows Enterprise rather than Windows 10 per someone's suggestion.  Do you agree with using this OS rather than Windows 10 Pro?

Yeah, it didn't work.
Ah, back in the days the script included other devices as well. But as the documentation says you have to contact the Manufacturer now, and Logitech will not help you with that NUC I guess.

The best option for you is probably to buy the MTR from Logitech, it will come predeployed with MTR software and you will be able to get support from them.

Hey @safenestadmin 


just wanted to check something on your setup before i purchase the NUC version of logitech rally/teams if you'd be so kind

My client wants to use their logo on the displays and the TAP, if you change your wallpaper on the NUC does this allow you to use a custom image like a company logo that then appears on the screen & tap? or are they predefined wallpapers from teams etc?



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I can confirm that we have a custom background displayed on the room displays in our Logitech rooms running through NUCs. I have not attempted to change the background on the Tap panel, however. To set a custom background an, XML file needs to be created and placed into C:\users\skype\appdata\local\packages\microsfotskyperoomsystem_8wekyb3d8bbwe\localstate along with the background image file. Pretty easy to find a guide for this.